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please update your bookmarks and links! Public Service Announcements is like a village, and like every village we have our share of idiots.

Idiots are people who - in spite of being given the option to change their ways - persist in doing the wrong thing.

This causes a lot of hassle for the users and the administrators of the site. In order to warn you about these individuals we have put up this page to serve as a public service announcement that not everybody is nice and to alert you to some of the idiots in particular. If you believe that you are anonymous please re-consider. is the place on the planet where you want to be misbehaving, before you know it you'll be on this list and it will take a very large amount of work before you get yourself removed again. Being placed here is not a badge of honor, think of it as you would about the public shaming posts that were used in the middle ages. The only thing missing is the eggs and the rotten tomatoes.

For some reason the United Kingdom is overrepresented in this list. This has no bearing on the average UK citizen, it just means that there is a degree of coincidence involved here.

What always strikes me is that these people *seemed* so nice at first glance. They put a lot of effort into palming in their victims and only when they had enough information to start wrecking things did they show their true nature. Please always be aware that people like this exist and be *extremely* careful about giving out private or identifying information to strangers, on this site and elsewhere on the net. You never know who the psychos are.

If you've been harassed by a visitor on this website please let us know about it and we'll do our best to make it stop, my email is Think of this page as our last resort, to warn visitors about stalkers that have crossed the line from pranking into real life harm to innocent people. If you have more information about the people listed on these pages then we're allways happy to add to our file, this will make it easier for others to google for these individuals and to find a warning before they get into trouble.

Exibit No. 1: Ian Kell

The first person on the list has been harassing the females on the site various times over the last couple of years, he keeps coming back in spite of being banned multiple times.

His victims are amongst others akathome, one of the oldest members of this site and we take particular exception to him because of that.

Mr. Kells particulars are:

    Ian Kell
    82 Grosvenor Drive
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear NE26 2JS
    United Kingdom
Exibit No. 2: John Battle

John is a special kind of guy, the kind of guy that will go completely overboard trying to please others by doing their dirty work for them. God only knows what goes on in the mind of a man like that, it's almost as if he can't think for himself.

Mr. Battle thinks it is fun to call people up in the middle of the night, to defile their webpages and to send them threatening emails both at work and at home. It would seem to me that mr. Battle should get a life but instead he seems to enjoy to try to disrupt the lives of others.

Mr. Battle's information is:

    John Henry Battle
    65 hallgarth street
    Durham DH1 3AY
    United Kingdom
    +44 191 386 2241
Exhibit No. 3: Anna Maria Manzo

We're gender neutral at, and unfortunately it seems that the stalkers are no exception in this respect.

Our next case is a special one. Meet Ms. Anna Maria Manzo, a complete nutcase if there ever was one. Born in Torre Del Greco, Italy she came to the United Kingdom as a child. She seems to be a basketcase psychologically speaking, has had plastic surgery several times, claims to be a cancer survivor (to get you to pity her) and has an inferiority complex that should probably make the guinness book of records. Make no mistake, she's a real bitch if there ever was one. Her usual mode of operating is to infatuate herself with some poor unsuspecting soul and then if they don't reciprocate to proceed to attempt to destroy their lives. Ms Manzo should probably seek professional help and should be barred from the internet entirely because she lacks the capacity for self control that is required when interacting with other people. Possibly she should be hospitalized. Until that is the case please understand that we're very serious about this person being a threat and that the best way to deal with her is to ignore her completely.

    Anna Maria Manzo
    Born Nov. 29th 1964 
    United Kingdom
We thought we had a home address for this person but that turned out to be mistaken, if you know where she lives then please drop me an email
Exhibit No. 4: Jan Nebbeling

They say that wisdom comes with the years. Mr. Nebbeling must be the exception then. He's a real piece, alternating between being super sweet and so foulmouthed that I blush just thinking about the kind of stuff this moron writes. What bugs me most is that he - like myself - is Dutch, and that he makes our small country look bad. He's a real pest, especially if you're female so be careful. He also uses many different ids.

Mr. Nebbeling's details are:

    Jan Cornelis Nebbeling
    Planetenlaan 2, 1702 BH 
    The Netherlands
Exhibit No. 5: Renzo

Renzo is a pretty sad little man. He's unable to comprehend even the most basic English sentences (such as 'Leave me alone' and 'Just go away already'). He drove all the way across Europe on his stalking mission and thinks that it is perfectly normal to accost people in their houses. Renzo is the most scary kind of online stalker, will stop at nothing to get what he wants, could be dangerous and quite possibly a rapist. Renzo believes that he's gods gift to all the women of this world and can not imagine a person that would not want to sleep with him the instant they meet him in all his personable charm. Please avoid any and all contact with him, if you've ever seen one of those horror movies where the creep has a wall dedicated to their object of desire, Renzo is all that and more.

About Renzo we have the following information:

    Italy, near Venice
More information about Renzo would be much appreciated, Renzo continues to re-appear on the site using all kinds of tricks to mask his ID so be careful, if you spot him please let me know (
For an idea of what it looks like when mr. Renzo enters your life uninvited read this page The Uninvited Visitor.